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Adventurous moneymaking from Central Europe to Wall street
Szerző: Fellegi, Thomas

Kiadó: Alinea Kiadó
Kiadás éve: 2006
ISBN: 0955197600

Kötés: papír
Oldalszám: 288

Adventurous moneymaking is about the adventures of the Author on different financial markets, starting in street currency markets during the transition from communism to a market economy in Central and Eastern Europe, continuing on the fledgling equities markets of these new capitalist countries, and then on the more mature stock markets in the US and Western Europe. The Author also recounts the stories of other traders with more or less similar careers but each with its own unique and interesting aspect. In addition to providing fascinating stories, the book also explains the basics of the stock market in straight-forward terms and mentions the most important markets and shares.

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