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Ambrus the Bear and the Curious Moon
Szerző: Kányádi Sándor

Kiadó: Holnap Kiadó
Kiadás éve: 2002

Kötés: karton

"I can tell you now that the shirt on my back was shivering and the soles of my feet were itching to run away when I first ran into Ambrus on the Hargita Mountain. But when I am in a tight situation and my courage leaves me, poetry makes me feel better. Then, too, I muttered to myself, that ... My coat is world-renowned, because I sewed it with my own ten claws from possums, rabbits, squirrels, hogs, and muskrats, beavers, wolfs and dogs. Bruin, bruin, broomma-bruin.... From Ambrus ihe Bear, which is followed by the story of The Curious Moon: The Full Moon wandered in the sky by the same route since her birth until one day she wondered just what it may be like on Earth.

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