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Oxford English Minidictionary
Szerző: Oxford

Kiadó: Oxford
Kiadás éve: 2004
ISBN: 0198608659

Kötés: ragasztó kötés
Oldalszám: 640
Méret: 80 x 116 x 34 mm

This is a major new edition of the best-selling Oxford English Minidictionary, drawing on the most recent findings of Oxford's language research programme. It offers wide-ranging coverage of today's English, with over 40,000 entries and 50,000 definitions. Over a hundred in-text notes give guidance on spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, and a new, clear layout makes it easier to use than ever before. Informative and fun, this sixth edition contains brand-new appendices with lists on topics ranging from frequently misspelled words and collective nouns to chemical symbols and phobias. Its durable, portable format make it an essential reference for the school, home, or office. This edition replaces ISBN 0-19-860712-1.

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